Glacier Park Trail


On days pessimistic

Shamed by great destruction wrought

Seeing little hope

Of departing short-sighted ways

Expanded vision soothes


Consideration is given to infinite

Where we

And all we know

A mere grain of sand

Within endless seas…


Yet today

This beautiful summer day

Only extreme gratitude

A sacred treasure

This home

And living spirits

Large and small


P1040065 P1040155 P1030973

Spent the last several days living in and hiking among the magical hills just west of Jacksonville, Oregon. Being a world-class tree hugger, I find myself seriously drawn to the arboreal expressions of this unique ecosystem. As you can see, the Madrone trees posed a major seduction to both eye and camera. As it is with loved ones, I try not to think in terms of favorites when it comes to nature’s bountiful expression… but let it be said that within my own physiology, these trees exert some real influence over the endocrine processes related to some powerful emotions; namely wonder and awe.

– Jacksonville, Oregon, USA